You may be new to Alucive or you may have been with us from the start, but you still probably don't know that much about us! Here are 5 things you may not know about Alucive.

5. Alucive initially started in 2012 with 2 shoddy designs, "The Endless Hawaiian Summer" and "The 3 L's". Back then it was refreshing and exciting to think about making a brand. Something I could call my own and really explore my wildest ideas. The only problem was the skill level and knowledge of business/marketing/design/anything wasn't there to supplement those ideas.  Fast forward 5 years there is still sooo much to learn, but progress has been made.

4. The name Alucive wasn't chosen first. In the beginning, being able to illustrate whatever I wanted was very important to me. No limits meant freedom to create and develop a style to fit those creations. You could almost say it was like a dream where anything was possible. And from that "dream" came research, and stumbling upon the word alucinatio which means wandering mind fit so perfectly with what I was doing I had to use it...or a variation of it.

3. We developed a little team of 5 and we would have our meetings at Starbucks or if it got too crowded then we would go to Costco, which was close by. It was a really enjoyable time, but looking back it was a crossroad for all of us in our careers.

2. It took years to make the logo. I mean it took years to get to this logo. Logos are a fickle thing. It could take seconds to find the right one (Citibank) or it could be years (The Hundreds). Well, unfortunately we fall under the latter of the two. There has been a whole evolution of our logo from a triangle with a swirl to the slow development to the jellyfish that it is today. The main thing is we got there. It just took some time...okay a lot of time.

1. Legally we couldn't just be Alucive. So we extended our name to be Alucive Dream Division or A.D.D. for short. Everything we make has dual meaning and our name is no different. If there is an opportunity to be creative we'll take it. Thanks for reading! And stay tuned for our next entry!